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“That’s right.” Lan Ruoxi rested her head on Hong Weiguo’s shoulder, closed her eyes, and gently said, “Our little prodigal isn’t an ordinary person wherever he goes to. I just hope that he won’t be in any trouble over there…”


“Yup.” Yin Tianzong was very satisfied and said, “Also, satisfy all of Brother Dali’s requests. Even if some of his requests are off the scale, try to satisfy them too. If you guys really can’t handle it, come look for me! No matter what my Brother Dali ask you guys to do, you guys are not allowed to object at all, understand?”


She could be considered a talent when it came to learning martial arts, and yet she had only managed to get past level nineteen despite having already tried her best.


“Need you to ask?” Mihawk was not bothered at all. “Hang up everything, lock the doors, then we can go challenge the Tower of Trials or sleep and drink. Why bother asking me when you already know that?”


His whole body was burning with fire, each move and technique of his would shot out explosive blue-white flames, causing the beast in front of him to be constantly knocked back.


He had not deliberately offended anyone but was lustful. All men would be interested if they met beautiful women. He only wanted to hit on women, how did he get into so much trouble?

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“Easy.” Hong Dali rubbed his nose. “Until she finds her dream lover, the super genius who passed thirty levels of the Tower of Trials.”


“What could have happened.” Luo Qiang said forlornly, “Hurry up and come to the pawnshop. I can’t hold on anymore…”


“Of course not.” The man with eagle eyes shrugged. “I didn’t get my commission, why would I carry the head around?”


“Dali…” Tang Muxin stared dumbfounded at the new store that had been just refreshed or rather, defaced, and said, “You were right. It seems like this is much faster than renovation work…”


A prosperous man would have a full set of top-grade gems. A rich man would have a full set of double attribute gems! And only a tycoon would have more than ten people who had full sets of double attribute gems!


“OK, I got it.” The mysterious man softly nodded. Then, he shook his head and gave a bitter smile. “Looks like we are in for big trouble.”


Speaking of which, the attributes of the accessories in the shop were average and not too valuable. However, they were beautiful



Hence, with this mindset, they waited outside the shop. Some who were smarter asked the neighboring shop boss, Aye, boss, will this shop open? Who owns it? Why are they selling only one armor? And its embedded. Are they intending to lose money? The boss said, It belongs to an Honorary Aristocrat. God knows what hes thinking. We cannot understand the mind of the god-like person.



Gate, when did you have another son? What does he do? The old man leisurely walked in and sat on the sofa. As he spoke, he raised his hand forward and a door appeared out of nowhere!


He ran to a corner and started crying. If my Master had something like that, he wouldnt have lost to Duan Xuan Uh uh uh, I better go back first. Uh uh uh


Being a technological geek, and a military technological geek at that, Lin Chuyin naturally wouldn’t just leave such a powerful mecha alone.

  • Hong Dali and the rest sat on the sofa as they chatted with White Beard Gate.
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